France Quantum


Romain Alléaume

Institut Polytechnique de Paris

Professor at Telecom Paris


After graduating from ENS Paris, Romain Alléaume has completed his PhD at University Paris VI and ENS Cachan in 2004, on experimental quantum cryptography with single-photon sources, he was the co-recipient of “magazine La Recherche” scientific prize 2004. Romain Alléaume co-founded the start-up company SeQureNet in 2008, who has developped the first commercial continuous-variable QKD product in 2012. He is currently coordinating the IQA research team at Telecom Paris and actively participates to the European Quantum Technology Flagship, notably as an executive board of the Quantum Secure Networks FPA. He also coordinates the Quantum Engineering program at Telecom Paris and participates to the ARTeQ program of the Quantum-Saclay center.

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