France Quantum


Gregory Golf


Strategic & Innovation Manager


I started my career more than 15 years ago within the French Ministry of Defense. I used to be technical expert and then manager for some armament programs. After improving my technical skills and program management capabilities, I moved to the Strategic Direction of the French Procurement Agency to be the point of contact and the ambassador of the ministry policy for the SME, which are part of the supply chain of the French armament programmes. To be closer of the SME and their development, I took the direction of the Aerospace pillar of the French cluster in the South-East of France, SAFE cluster. I have developed a strong understanding about the capabilities of the French aerospace and defense industries, the supply chain way of working, the impact of innovation on business models and the growth of SME. Integrating a specific technological SME working for both defence and aerospace markets was the logical path of my career as a strategic, development & innovation Manager. I work for Atem, a French SME specialized in both coax cable assemblies and radiofrequency and microwave subsystems. Atem has niche markets and requires putting the limits of its products and services, and extending the customer basis to grow. My role consists of developing innovation thanks to partnerships with SME and laboratories to expand the capabilities of Atem and propose added value within our products and services to our customers. I develop the branding of the company and explore new markets and new opportunities to make Atem a leader within the targeted markets. Make Atem a OEM of quantum enable technologies is my new challenge and we are ambitious and proud to be part of this new revolution.

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