France Quantum


Guillaume Desaché


General Manager


Guillaume Desaché graduated from HEC Paris in 2014, specialized in Finance, from the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers in 2019, specialized in fluid mechanics, and from the Observatoire de Paris in 2020, specializing in astrophysics. He currently studies theoretical physics at Sorbonne University. He created his start-up L’Hirondelle in 2011 (named best innovation in the tourism industry in France in 2013). Between 2014 and 2016, he held five different positions in finance, first at l’Oréal, then at Air Liquide, and taught corporate finance at HEC Paris. In 2017, he joined Air Liquide’s R&D department to work on steam methane reforming processes, hydrogen mobility, and later worked as chargé de mission for Régis Réau. Identifying the opportunities offered by quantum computing for Air Liquide, he pushed for Air Liquide to play a role in the dilution refrigerator market. He was chief of project for the acquisition of Cryoconcept, which was completed in July 2020.

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